Important Milestones

Strike for the fundamental Right

During 1980’s, the most important task of the Chamber of Commerce was facing and solving the labour problem threatening the fundamental right to appoint a worker in a shop or in a factory. The right to appoint a worker is naturally vested with the employer (The trade union contented and challenged that the appointment has to be done in consultation with the union as intermediaries). During this dispute, the merchants were forced to close their shops for 14 days from 10.09.1980. Finally, as per amicable settlement of the problem, the merchants and head load workers signed an agreement on 25.09.1980 at Thiruvananthapuram before the high level conference in which Ministers, Political leaders, Parliament members, Legislative Assembly Members, Trade Union Leaders participated. During the conference it was agreed between the parties that the right to engage workmen for loading, unloading, stocking work etc. vests with the shop keepers exclusively.

Fight against the wild- Cat Strike

During the year 1981, Chamber of Commerce had to face a major issue of the Head Load workers in Thrissur which started on 22.08.1981. Due to wild-cat strike in the Thrissur Bazar, loading and unloading became stand still.Many shops were looted and traders were attacked by the Head Load workers. During the day of conciliation, C.M. George, President of the Chamber of Commerce and his son Mathew George were man handled and hospitalized. His shop was also looted. The repeated threats by the labourers of CITU/AITUC unions were clear indications of the modus operandi of the politically motivated labour unions of Thrissur.

The dispute between the merchants and the labourers however came to an amicable settlement on 16.10.1981favourable to the traders. It is praiseworthy that the business community of the Thrissur stood united during the long period of trials and tribulations. The most important achievement of the business community is that as per the terms of settlement, it is agreed by the unions that 4 days prior notice (96 hours) will be served to the Chamber of Commerce while resorting to strike.

Relief on Gujarat Earthquake

The Earthquake in Gujarat in 2000 has given untold miseries to large sections of people. Thousands of them died mercilessly, while thousands became roofless. The people were struggling for food, cloth, shelter and medicine. In a bid to help those in distress, the Chamber of Commerce collected substantial fund, medicine and cloth from the traders and handed over to District Collector, Thrissur.

Golden Jubilee of Chamber of Commerce:-

The Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Chamber of Commerce was inaugurated in February, 1999 by His Excellency, Justice Sukh Dev Singh Kang, then Governor of Kerala. Variety of programmes were conducted during the Golden Jubilee Year. The valedictory function was inaugurated by O.Rajagopal, Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Law, Justice & company Affairs. Krishnan Kaniyamparambil Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture, Kerala presided over the function.

Chamber Information – Bulletin

Chamber of Commerce is publishing a monthly bulletin called ‘Chamber Informations ‘ covering relevant facts and informations exclusively for business Community. Tax/labour/ legal/ day to day Govt. notifications and articles dealt with current and relevant issues are also included. Copies of the Bulletin are sent to different heads of Govt. departments, MPs, MLA’s, District Authorities and Trade Union leaders also.

Computer Education Programmes

The computer Education programmes commenced in commemoration of the Golden Jubilee year of the Chamber of Commerce. Since computer knowledge is an essential element, our Academy concentrates more on imparting various courses to businessmen. Govt. approved C-DIT courses will also be started in the near future for students.

Chamber Awards

To promote social integrity and education,Chamber of Commerce instituted 16 scholarship Awards. Eminent business personalities are also honoured during our annual day celebration.

The following are the Awards:-

  • C.M. George Memorial Award sponsored by Mathew George for the Best Entrepreneur of the year.
  • Videon Industries Award sponsored by John Chittilappilly for the best women entrepreneur of the year.
  • V-Guard Industries Award Sponsored by Kochouseph Chittilappilly for the best young Entrepreneur of the year.
  • T.P. Sitharaman Memorial Award sponsored by T.S. Anantharaman & Brothers for distinguished performance in Social Service.
  • K.A. Rappai Memorial Award sponsored by Kavalakkat family Association for distinguished performance in medical Profession.
  • K.R. Thomas Memorial Award sponsored by Solly Thomas for distinguished performance in Police Service
  • Double Horse Award sponsored by Sajeeve Manjila for distinguished performance in Journalist among media
  • Elite Supermarket Karshakasree Award sponsored by T.R. Vijayakumar for distinguished performance in Agriculture
  • Circle Inspector K.S. Mahadeva Iyer Memorial Kala-Samskarika Award sponsored by P. Parameswaran
  • Adv. Thomas Maliyekkal Memorial Award sponsored by Varghese Maliyekkal for distinguished performance in Sports and Games

Educational Award

  • Kanichayi Thomas Jose Educational & Charitable Trust Award sponsored by Jose Kanichayi for Being first in MBBS among medical Colleges in Thrissur district.
  • Mrs. & Mr. Akkara Varu Memorial Award Sponsored by Davis Akkara for being first in LLB from Law College Thrissur.
  • C.M. George Memorial Award sponsored by Mathew George for being first in MBA from Thrissur.
  • T.P. Chithambara Nadar Memorial Award Sponsored by Mrs. Bhagyam Chithambara Nadar for being first in Nursing from Thrissur District.
  • Pottokaran C.A. Award Sponsored by Jose Pottokaran for being first in CA final examination from Thrissur Chapter.
  • Kollannur Devassy Memorial Award Sponsored by Thomas Kollannur for being first in C A- PCC examination from Thrissur Chapter.
  • Simple Memorial Award sponsored by A.L. Francis for being first in C A-CPT examination from Thrissur Chapter.
  • V. Sukumaran Menon award sponsored by V.Sukumaran Menon for being first in B.Com from Thrissur District.
  • P.V. Vareed Memorial Award sponsored by P.V. Thimothy for being first in B.A. Malayalam from Thrissur District.
  • T.R. Ragavan Educational & Chariable Trust Award sponsored by T.R. Vijayakumar for securing highest marks in BA English
  • M.O. John Memorial Award sponsored by Manjilas Charitable Trust for being first in among the children of the Head load workers.
  • K.J. Francis Memorial Award sponsored by Jose K.Francis for being first in Higher Secondary Exam among the children of Chamber members.
  • N.L. Poulochan Memorial Award sponsored by Yuvasakthi Kuries for being first in B.Com among the children of Chamber members.


The H.H. Pope John II visited Thrissur on 07.02.1986. The Chamber of Commerce honoured the H.H. Pope and declared holiday for all shops and industries on that day .


The Chamber of Commerce is conducting short term management education and training programmes. Most of them are highly useful since they cover both theory and practice. To withstand the existing and future challenges our members have to be equipped with sophisticated tools. Our attention and efforts are always on these matters.


The Chamber of Commerce always honour newly elected Ministers, MPs, MLA’s, Corporation Councilors, Collector, Police Authorities from Thrissur district. Corporation Councilors, District Collector, Police Authorities. We honour State and District office bearers of Kerala Vyapari Vyavasai Ekopana Samithi also.


The Chamber regularly and continuously extends all possible help and support to the noble services of Pain and Palliative Society and Kidney Federation.